Engaging the Wave

Everything in the universe is in a state of vibration.  Resonance is the frequency at which an object vibrates most naturally (everything from the planet to the cells in your body).  Through the principle of resonance, sound both heard and unheard, can be used to change disharmonious frequencies of the body back to their normal, healthful vibrations. The Triad Wave (created by Brenda Williams) is a silent ‘carrier wave’ that resonates with Earth’s frequency.   This ‘silent wave’ is embedded in the music portions of The Feel Better Program.  As you listen, it begins to reconnect you with your original autonomic function (and awaken you to your original “blueprint”) as it opens up the neural pathways in your brain.

It is important to understand that The Triad Wave does not override your intentions, so be sure you apply the simple concepts and techniques as you work with The Feel Better Program.  As your mind and body begin to harmonize and your original neural pathways open, your life will begin to improve, often in miraculous ways!

“The Feel Better Program” provides clear and simple tools, and the embedded Triad Wave helps the body move into resonance with your intentions. It helps you move easily and effortless out of learned entrainment of fear, anxiety and stress, and back into your natural state of peace, joy and absolute trust by reestablishing your original blueprint.

THE TRIAD WAVE IS EMBEDDED ON “Opening” & “How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse” in PRODUCTS

[NOTE:  CDs are ".wav" files which contain 17x more information than an MP3 - so this is the best way to 'Ride the Wave.']

This video is embedded with the Triad Wave – the music is “Opening.”